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You’ve got to love things that are FREE and especially when they are as good as Wall Street Survivor. If you are looking for a fun way to learn about the stock market and find out what it will be like to actually make stock trades online, you will find this stock market simulation game to exactly what you are looking for.

The Wall Street Survivor website is a comprehensive stock market simulation game and learning center where you can get your feet wet in buying and selling stocks that comes complete with $20,000 in monthly prizes that anyone can win just for participating.

After you go through the quick FREE sign up process, your account will be credited with $100,000 in virtual dollars that will be your portfolio to do with as you wish. Just like on any real online stock broker site, you can then use that money to invest in any stock you can find on the real market.

You will be buying and selling stock in no time on Wall Street Survivorand any type of trade you can do in the real wold you can do here. That means you can learn how to short a stock and then cover it and you can even set up a second portfolio (with virtual money of course) just to trade options. My portfolio looks like this at the time of this post so I actually have a gain after several months of trading:

Anyone who wants to get their feet wet trading stocks without risking their own money will love this stock market simulation game and there is such a wealth of information there as well. Stock quotes, stock tips, up to date stock analysis, forums, contests, tutorials, and business news are just some of the things that are all there for you to use. Some of the features cost money (such as real time stock quotes) but you can learn so much for free that it will keep you occupied for months.

Wall Street Survivor is the place where any beginner can have fun and learn about stocks at the same time, all for FREE. If you want to try out your stock picking skills and see what would happen with your picks had you bought them for real, this is the place to do it. Your portfolio will look just like it would if you were trading for real and you can watch it go up and down daily. The more involved you are the more chances you have to win and you can even earn free gift cards for trading in the activity points you get just for being active. Give it a try!

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